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Riceverai 8 Tillandsie + Integratore + Nebulizzatore

VARIETY PACK 10 pz | 8 Tillandsie + Integratore + Nebulizzatore

VARIETY PACK 10 pz | 8 Tillandsie + Integratore + Nebulizzatore

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Our exclusive Tillandsia Variety Pack, a vibrant addition to your plant collection! This package includes 8 Tillandsias of different varieties, each with its own unique charm and easy to care for.

Features of the Variety Pack:
Exceptional Diversity:
Each pack contains a selection of 8 different Tillandsias, from small and delicate to the largest and most impactful. Our pack contains: Usneoides L, Xerographica M, Juncea XL, Rainforest Red, Bulbosa L, Abdita, Caput L, Circinata.
Minimum Maintenance: Tillandsias are low maintenance plants that require no soil. Just place them in a bright place and mist them periodically to keep them healthy.
Nutritional Supplement: Accompanied by a supplement specifically formulated to ensure your Tillandsias receive all the nutrients they need to thrive.
Vintage Sprayer: The included sprayer makes it easy to provide the necessary humidity to your Tillandsias. Simply spray your plants lightly to keep them fresh and hydrated.

This variety pack is perfect for anyone from expert gardeners to novice enthusiasts. Bring the beauty of nature into your home without the hassle of complex maintenance. Choose our Tillandsia Variety Pack today and enjoy the effortless beauty of these fascinating plants!

Note: Plants may vary slightly from images due to their unique nature.

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