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Tillandsia - CIRCINATA

Tillandsia - CIRCINATA

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There Tillandsia Head of Medusa it is a plant belonging to the Bromeliads and native to the forests of South-Central America. One of the most resistant species in nature and they easily adapt to the climate of our apartments.
The plant shows its state of hydration, through the leaf pattern, which appears more or less "twisted" if it lacks water and hydration, or curvilinear and sinuous, if the plant is well hydrated (for further information, visit the page guide plants).
There Tillandsia Head of Medusa and ideal for ours JELLY O BIG JELILY which allow it to receive the right light and ventilation.

height: ± 20 cm
diameter: ± 3 cm

height: ± 25 cm
diameter: ± 4 cm

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