There Tillandsia Tricolor var. Melanocrater red it is an epiphytic plant belonging to the bromeliad family, widespread in Central America and Mexico. Characterized by glossy dark red leaves, slightly stiff almost prickly. It grows in environments with good environmental humidity and medium-high temperatures but is very resistant even in the case of low temperatures.   

Air plants do not need to be grown on the ground, in fact a support (such as plant holders or pots) that allows them to receive the right light and ventilation is ideal for them. 

WATER | once/twice a month immerse completely in non-calcareous water for one minute. To avoid water stagnation, empty the central rosette by turning the plant upside down.

LIGHT | they must be exposed in very bright environments but not in direct sunlight.

TREATMENT | the plant does not like exposure to direct sun at all, as excessively hot rays could burn the leaves and it does not need large quantities of water.

FLOWERING | it has a robust inflorescence, in spikes or composed of several spikes, which retain a pleasant decorative aspect for a long time even after the actual flowering.

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