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Larghezza: 20 cm Altezza: 30 cm

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Vetro artigianale lavorato a mano

This elegant vase, with harmonious shape and intriguing tactility, is made of high-quality glass with a textured finish reminiscent of the surface of a cocoon.

The light turquoise color brings a touch of freshness and calm to any environment, evoking the serenity of tropical oceans. Perfect for displaying single stems or small bouquets, this vase is not just a flower container, but a true work of art to admire.

Its size makes it versatile to be placed on both a dining table and a countertop, adding a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere to your home.

The Chrysalis Vase can be a perfect match with our Turquoise Coral Vase , creating a pair of harmonious and symbiotic vases with each other.
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