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Tillandsia - ABDITA

Tillandsia - ABDITA

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The Tillandsia Abdita it is native to Mexico/Central America, where it grows mainly in dry forests and deserts up to 600-1200 meters high. It is one of the Tillandsias that features a lot of green foliage which could change its natural color to a beautiful red/purple colour, depending on the temperatures/lighting to which it is subjected. Popularly, Abdita is part of the Brachycaulos family, a very common species of Tillandsia plants. However, this aerial plant is one of a kind and a very rare species.

The Tillandsia Abdita and ialso ideal for ours OCTO which allow it to receive the right light and ventilation. They prefer warm, bright places with high humidity, which they feed on by absorbing it through their overlapping scale leaves. It is recommended to spray every 2-3 days with rain water or, alternatively, once a week with the special spray for tillandsias.

height: ± 12 cm
diameter: ± 12 cm

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