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Larghezza: 20 cm Altezza: 24 cm

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Vetro artigianale lavorato a mano


This vase, with its warm ocher color, has a matte finish and a textured surface that recalls the appearance of natural fabrics or stones smoothed by erosion.

Its sandy hue goes well with neutral-colored interiors or as a point of contrast in livelier spaces.

The shape is rounded and recalls classic amphorae, with a flared neck that lends itself well to hosting generous floral arrangements or remaining an elegant decorative object on its own.


The turquoise vase stands out for its vivid color and textured surface that evokes the wave movement of the sea.

LIts opalescent finish and organic shape are reminiscent of the soft shapes sculpted by marine erosion.

The design of this vase blends modern elegance with natural inspiration, creating a tranquil and regenerating atmosphere, perfect for embellishing contemporary interiors or adding an accent of color in more classic environments.


This mist-colored vase captures the essence of a misty morning, offering a touch of tranquil serenity.

Its matte and smooth finish recalls the soft consistency of a stone smoothed by time. The design is simple but impactful, with a surface that plays with light and shadow, creating visual depth and interest.

Elegant in its simplicity, this vase is ideal for adding a touch of thoughtful calm to any setting.

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