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Larghezza: 22 cm Altezza: 24 cm

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Vetro artigianale lavorato a mano


The glass vase with shades of green and white is an artistic representation of a lush garden reflected in a body of water, with colors flowing together in an embrace that celebrates spring freshness and renewal.

Its flat shape is a canvas that enhances the swirl of vibrant green and pure white, offers a vast surface that reflects light and highlights the waves of color that extend across the entire body of the vase.


This glass vase evokes the peaceful symbiosis between the sea foam and the sandy shore, a tribute to the quiet of a secluded beach, where time seems to suspend between the waves.

The flattened design of this vase enhances the fluid movement of the sky blue streaks and earthy hues, depicting an aerial panorama where sea and beach meet.

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