There Tillandsia Scaposa it's a species that occurs in nature of medium-small size, very similar in appearance to the Ionantha, of a beautiful green or grey/green color when ripe, depending on the environmental conditions (in reference to humidity and light). Unlike the Ionantha, in nature it lives at somewhat lower night temperatures, typical of tropical and subtropical mountain areas. If it enjoys sufficient light it develops shoots easily after flowering. It is a species that retains water with a certain tenacity, therefore it is recommended to pay attention to drying.They can be placed on any support. 


Air plants do not need to be grown on the ground, in fact a support (such as plant holders or pots) that allows them to receive the right light and ventilation is ideal for them. 

WATER | once/twice a month immerse completely in non-calcareous water for one minute. To avoid water stagnation, empty the central rosette by turning the plant upside down.

LIGHT | they must be exposed in very bright environments but not in direct sunlight.

TREATMENT | the plant does not like exposure to direct sun at all, as excessively hot rays could burn the leaves and it does not need large quantities of water.

FLOWERING | for all species, the light, the temperature, the state of nutrition, the genetic heritage, are factors that play an important role in the flowering process and in the intensity of the colours. If it enjoys sufficient light it develops shoots easily after flowering. 

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