The Tillandsia Head of Medusa it is a plant belonging to the Bromeliads and native to the forests of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 
Undoubtedly one of the most resistant species in nature, these small plants grow on the tops of trees or on the rocks to which they anchor with thin roots, they easily adapt to the climate of our apartments.

The plant shows its state of hydration, through the foliar course, which is more or less "twisted" if itself in lack of water and hydration, or curvilinear and sinuous, if the plant is well hydrated.

Air plants do not need to be grown in the ground, in fact a support is ideal for them (like ours JELLILY) that allow it to receive the right light and ventilation. 

WATER | the Tillandsia Caput Medusae appreciates and needs good environmental humidity. Spray it with non-calcareous or rain water or immerse it in a basin of water for a few minutes. It should be done every time its green color turns silvery

LIGHT | as for all Tillandsias, at home they should be placed in the brightest environments, avoiding that the sun's rays strike directly directly. 

TREATMENT | it is a species with exceptional resistance to water scarcity. The wet condition between the leaves and in the bulb is deleterious for the plant. It is advisable to let it dry "upside down" to prevent water from settling.

FLOWERING | if you want to see it bloom, the ideal temperature is between 18 and 30 ° and if correctly cultivated it emits small pink spikes from which deep purple flowers bloom, for this to happen it is advisable to water it once every two weeks with water with fertilizer for orchids.

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