There Tillandsia Butts It is a plant that belongs to the Bromeliad family and is native to South America. They get their nourishment through the trichomes, organs that their leaves are equipped with and are able to capture their sustenance from the humidity in the air. In nature they grow spontaneously clinging to trees and rocks. Famous for its striped brownish-green coat with a tiger pattern, it has long, thin leaves that make it perfect for hanging or standing upright. 

Air plants do not need to be grown on the ground, in fact a support (like ours) is ideal for them NARCISO & BOCCADOR) that allow it to receive the right light and ventilation. 


WATER | Tillandsia Butzii should be vaporized once a week with a nebulizer or by immersion once every two weeks. Always remove excess water by turning the plant upside down for a few seconds.

LIGHT | as with all Tillandsias, they should be placed in the brightest rooms at home, avoiding direct sunlight. Therefore place in a very bright place, it does not particularly like full sun.

TREATMENT | it prefers environments with medium-high relative humidity and not very high temperatures It does not require pruning, limiting itself to the elimination of dry, weak or broken parts.

FLOWERING | the flowering period can be had in the summer months from June to September, giving life to a beautiful spike flower, with purplish colors.

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